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1.a Your Bid Or Offer To Buy Is Your Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that a bid or a request to buy any Product is a legal offer to buy the Product. Once Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) accepts your offer, you are obligated to complete the transaction as accepted by Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.). Accordingly, when you bid on a Product on Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.), you enter a legally binding contract in which you express intent to purchase the Product at the proposed bid price. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in termination of your Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) membership and other actions taken by Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) to enforce your obligations. You acknowledge that not fulfilling these obligations may be legally actionable.

1.b Listing Page. Each Product has a Listing Page, which sets forth the Products description and additional Checkout Terms, if applicable. You are responsible to read the Listing Page, and your submission of a bid to buy a Product constitutes your agreement that you have read and you understand the Listing Page and any Checkout Terms.

1.c Bid Increment Rules (a) Whole Dollar Increments. Each proposed purchase price in each bid (a Bid Amount) to buy a Product must be in whole dollar amounts. Any Bid amount not placed in whole dollar increments will be invalid and not accepted. (b) Minimum Bid Increase. Your Bid Amount must exceed the current highest bid by at least the Minimum Bid Increase.

1.d No Bid Shilling or Fraud. Bid shilling occurs when someone bids on a Product for the sole purpose of driving up the price and is prohibited. Any evidence of bid shilling on a Product is a breach of this Agreement and warrants immediate termination of membership. 1.e Retracting Your Bid. Once you have submitted a bid to purchase any Product, it cannot be retracted unless you made an obvious typographical error when placing a bid. For clarification, a bid placed on another, similar Product, changing your mind, or inability to pay for the Product is not grounds to retract a bid or to cancel your agreement to purchase a Product. To retract a confirmed bid, you must contact Customer Service with your request and include the Product listing number and a valid explanation.

1.f Submission of the Highest Bid and Your Payment Obligation. When you have submitted the highest Bid Amount during the selling period of a Product, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that you have submitted the highest Bid Amount - you will have two (2) days thereafter to pay for your Product(s) at that highest Bid Amount. You are responsible for keeping track of all of your highest Bid Amounts. No extensions on these two (2) days will be given.