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8.1 General Payment Policies

(a)Payment in U.S. Currency Only. All payments for Products must be made in United States currency.

(b) All Purchases Will Be Subject to Sales Orders. All of your purchases and amounts owed for those purchases will be presented to you on one (1) or more sales orders that will be emailed to you and stored in your My WORLD CELEB FINDS Control Center for 90 days from the purchasing date. Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) will use its commercially reasonable efforts to post and make available to you your sales orders no later than one (1) hour after Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) accepts your payment.

(c) Payment Due Within 5 Days. Payment on any Product is due promptly, but no later than two (2) days after Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) accepts your offer to buy a Product. Any payment not received within 5 days of when Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) accepts your offer to buy a Product will be referred for collection.

(d) Your Transactions and Obligations. By entering into this Agreement and bidding on a product, the customer agrees to complete the transaction. In which case, the customer will be held accountable if they do not fulfill this obligation. If payment is not made, bidding privileges may be subject to suspension and Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) maintains the right to cancel outgoing invoices at their own discretion. Reasons for such actions include but are not limited to multiple non-pays of auctions won, unresolved chargeback issues, an undeliverable address, or the refusal to pay custom fees. Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) reserves the right to demand payment if customer has more than 10 unpaid items in their account or if the total amount of auctions won, exceeds $1000.00. To avoid this situation please pay on time. All winning auctions must be paid in chronological order.

(f)Buyers Auction Fee A Buyers Auction Fee is a standard auctioneering fee that cover the cost associated with sourcing products, running the marketplace and managing services such as payment collection and fulfillment. Unless otherwise stated in the auction, our standard Buyers Premium is 3% of the orders subtotal or a minimum of $0.50.

(g) Shipping Not Refundable. Shipping is non-refundable, unless, the Product [is damaged or] does not substantially conform to the Listing Page description of such Product.

(i) Customs on International Shipments. You are solely responsible to pay all customs fees on packages shipped out of the United States. You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with your local customs laws, duties, regulations, and restrictions. In addition, for returned packages, you will pay all customs fees incurred during the shipping process.

8.2 Restocking Fees

(a) A 15% re-stocking fee will apply for any Product which Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) determines in its sole discretion conformed to the Listing Page description, but was returned, even if you received a Return Authorization Number (RMA) from Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.).

(b) All packages that are refused by the customer or returned as undeliverable will automatically be assessed a 25% restocking fee.

8.3 WORLDCELEBFINDS.COM (YEIRE EIGHT INC.) Rights If Payment Not Received In Full. You promise that any payment method selected by you when purchasing a Product shall enable you to make full and immediate payment. In the event that your chosen payment method does not enable you to make full and immediate payment for any reason, including without limitation insufficient funds or credit decline, Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) may in its sole and absolute discretion cancel your purchase. In such case, Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) may in it sole and absolute discretion (but shall not be required to) designate the next highest bidder (meeting the applicable minimum bid or reserve requirements) as the winning bidder. At Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.)’s sole discretion, but without any obligation, alternate payment methods may be arranged.

8.4 Payment Methods

(a)Accepted Payment Forms. Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) currently accepts:

(i) Visa

(ii) MasterCard

(iii)American Express

(iv) Discover

(v) Certain third party payment services, including PayPal.

 (d) Third Parties. You agree that any payments made to Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) through any third party payment service, such as PayPal, BillMeLater, any credit card issuer, or any other party, will be an agreement between you and the third party. WORLDCELEBFINDS.COM (YEIRE EIGHT INC.) WILL HAVE NO ROLE OR RESPONSIBILITY IN ANY RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOU AND A THIRD PARTY PAYMENT SERVICE. ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THE SERVICES OF A THIRD PARTY PAYMENT SERVICE PROVIDED ON THIS SITE IS FOR CONVENIENCE ONLY. WORLDCELEBFINDS.COM (YEIRE EIGHT INC.) MAKES NO WARRANTY ABOUT THE ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS OF SUCH INFORMATION.