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10.1 General Shipping Policies

(a) Available Shippers:

(i) Domestic. All domestic orders (Products shipped within the United States) will be shipped by either USPS, FedEx Smartpost or Federal Express (FedEx).

(ii) International. All international orders (Products shipped outside of the United States) will be shipped by FedEx International.

(b) Time to Ship. Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) will not ship Products or begin to provide services until full payment for such Products or services is received. Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) will deliver Products to the shipper within five (5)business days of receiving payment for such Products. During peak season, your order may take longer to ship.

(c) Express Shipping. We will endeavor to provide you the opportunity to elect express shipping, subject to additional charges. Express shipping relates only to the services provided by a shipper and does not relate in any way to Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.)’s time to deliver the Product with the shipper. Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) cannot be responsible for delays in shipping. Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) makes no warranty, express or implied, about the ability of any shipping company to deliver any package in a specified amount of time. Any delays in shipping are the responsibility of the shipping company.

(d) No Signature Release. We will not authorize any shipper to deliver any Product without an authorized recipient signature. Accordingly, if you or your designees are unavailable to sign for any Product package, it will be retained by the shipper for further delivery or follow up by you or your designee. In the event you have a signature release waiver on file with Federal Express, Worldcelebfinds.com (Yeire Eight Inc.) will not be held liable for missing or non-delivered Product(s).

(e) Separation. We reserve the right to ship Products from a single order in separate packages if the order contained services or if there are applicable size and item number limitations as set forth in this Agreement or imposed by the shipper. Any separately shipped packages may result in additional shipping charges.

(f) WORLD CELEB FINDS Products are separated into 3 Different Classifications.

(i) Jewelry items are small high-value items such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, eyewear, accessories and some watches that may be shipped together.

(iii) Silver/Base Metal Items are items consisting mainly of silver or other alternative metals such as base metal, tungsten, or titanium.

(ii) Oversized Items ng> are items that may come individually packaged and are too large or bulky to be accommodated by our standard shipping rates. Specific charges may apply and will be available on the item description page.

(h) Shipping to APOs and FPOs

(i) Orders up to $500 will be shipped via USPS priority service.

(ii) Orders over $500 must be shipped to a physical address.